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Wild mango, typically pickled or eaten raw

We  (in Bengali)


In 1964, Pushpawati Khaitan, a pioneering housewife, founded Nari Shiksha Kendra (NSK) to provide the women of the local community with livelihoods. They made pure hand-ground masalas and traditional pickles. More than 50 years later, not much has changed.

The ingredients remain pure and the techniques traditional and hand-crafted. Today, NSK's products have a national reach and sell from over 200 stores through white-labeling for established artisanal brands. It's products range from the traditional to the contemporary.

In 2017, led by Jaya Bajaj, NSK began selling it's products online under it's own label - Aamra. This small step has met with an enthusiastic response from customers far and wide - many of whom are out of reach of any retail store.

Aamra is a small mango-like fruit sold by churan-walas outside schools in Kolkata. Freshly cut and drizzled with spicy, tangy and colorful masalas, it brings forth memories of bright, bold, yet balanced flavours. In Bengali, Aamra also means 'we’, and here, it is all about 'We, the women of Aamra’.